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Upgrade the efficiency of your home with the Tuxedo Touch security system from Honeywell. You’ll love its many features and benefits, including: voice control, temperature control, remote control through your mobile device, and more. And with easy-to-use options like stay and away modes that let you do multiple functions at once, you might end up saving money on your electric bill every month!


Tuxedo Touch Voice Control


Ease Of Use: While some systems take time to understand and are even harder to use, the Tuxedo Touch by Honeywell is a completely different solution. With a graphic keypad with large icons and an intuitive design, learning it will be more like a reward than another item on your to-do list.

Have a busy schedule? Use Tuxedo Touch to simplify it. Many of its functions are built to make your life easier and to help you spend less time doing the things you hate, like checking all the doors to make sure they are locked. Utilize voice control when you arrive at home to disarm your system, turn on the lights, and adjust the temperature. For on-the-go help, use the Honeywell app to adjust your system, no matter where you are.

Tuxedo Touch Locks

Never Forget To Lock The Door Again: Lock and unlock your doors, right from your smart device. The Honeywell app allows you to let the handyman in and monitor him via video while he works on your home, even when you are away. Check in on your children when they are home alone. Give the pet sitter access to your house while you’re on vacation. With the Tuxedo Touch locks there are unlimited options.

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A More Intelligent Home: Make your home more intelligent with the Tuxedo Touch system. This system can actually be set up to automatically turn the temperature down every night when you go to sleep, or increase the temperature when you wake up. Forgot to turn down the temperature when you left the house? Not a problem! Use our Honeywell app to change the temperature no matter where you are. Even turn the lights on and off with the app.

Want More?  Check out the Tuxedo Touch User Guide. Interested in learning more about the Tuxedo Touch security system? Click here to request a free consultation with one of our expert staff. We’d be happy to show you an interactive home demonstration and answer any questions that you have.