Tips for a Safer Home

“In 2017, there were over 4,000 burglaries in Portland, an 11 percent increase from the year before. Of those, 1,600, or 37 percent, were burglaries in residential areas. That’s over four burglaries a day in residential areas and 10 a day in all areas of the city.” Here are some maps that show burglaries in residential areas in 2017 in the Portland, Oregon area.

Burglaries happen. Here are some ways you can protect your home and family from burglaries.

  1. If you work during the day, be sure to lock all of your doors and windows. Also, don’t leave a car on the driveway that has a garage door opener on the inside.

  2. If you are home, open your windows so a potential burglar would be able to see that there is someone home and walking around. If you normally do this, leave your blinds open while you are gone running errands. You don’t want to make anything look of of the ordinary.

  3. Hide your spare key in a better place than around your door or under your doormat. If you really want to see if it is hard to find, have one of your neighbors or friends try to find it.

  4. Some robberies happen at night, so increase the amount of lighting outside. Burglars want to be able to hide behind bushes and in dark areas so they can remain unseen. If they can’t be in darkness, it is more likely they will skip over your home.

  5. If you are planning on going on vacation, don’t post your plans or updates on social media until after you are home. If you want more tips on extra precautions you can take while you are on vacation, check out this blog post.

While these are all great practices, they still may not stop a robbery. Having a security system installed on your home could, however. When asked, 83% of burglars said they specifically checked to see if the house was armed with a security system and 60% said they would change their mind if there was. People have also found that putting the home security sign on your lawn can deter robbers. Additionally, on the off chance that a robber does not notice you have a security system and your house is broken into, police will have a much easier time catching the suspect and will have hard evidence to use against them in court.


  1. Having a security system is a wonderful idea that will make your home safer. My sister is thinking about getting one and might need some additional tips as she gets ready to go on vacation. It might help her to know that not posting on social media while you are gone is a good idea.

  2. It really helped when you mentioned with a security alarm system is less likely that your home gets robbed. My wife and I just moved into another home, and we’ve heard that this new neighborhood isn’t very safe. We are worried about our safety, so we’re researching options to make our house robbery-proof, and we think that your article will help us with that. We appreciate your tips about how to make your house safer.

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