Perimeter Security that is Simple, Affordable, and Reliable

  1. 3 Layers of False Alarm Filtration- Extreme low false alarm rate
  2. Protects fences with a single run of cable up to 10 ft
  3. No calibration (Self calibrating system)
  4. Maintenance free- 2 year warranty on sensor cable
  5. Ideal for installation on chain link fences or concertina coils
  6. Optional: Weather Station, Stainless steel twist ties, Gate connector


The system is a sensor cable that is attached to the fence and detects any cutting, climbing, lifting or jumping off the fence. A single run of the cable in the middle of the fence will detection the whole height of the fence up to 10ft against any intrusion attempt.

Each processor can monitor up to 2 zones with 2 separate relay output per zone, the zones are sold pre-cut in 250’/500’/1000’ (75m/152m/305m).

The system is designed to connect to any alarm system and is able to retrofit to old or new burglar alarms/DVR/NVR/SCADA systems.

Fully wrapped with stainless steel braid makes it ideal for installation on wire fences, razor wires and concertina coil.

How Does it Detect Intruders and not Wind?

False alarms can be a nuisance, which is why this system utilizes 3 layers of false alarm filtration.

  • The Algorithm of detection is designed to detect only sharp frequencies vibrations associated with intrusion attempts while filtering the long frequencies from weather
  • 22 levels of sensitivity easily adjusted with dip switches
  • Weather station to avoid false alarms caused by weather conditions


Better Perimeter Protection for Sites Such as:

  • Commercial and Industrial areas
  • Water, Electrical and Utility substations
  • Car, RV, Boat or Equipment storage areas
  • Solar Farms and Photovoltaic power plants
  • Self Storage facilities
  • Radio, Cellular, Communication antennas
  • Any fenced location

Sensor Layout of the Fence Alarm System Is:

  1. Sensor Cable is pre-cut in 250ft/75m, 500ft/152m and 1000ft/305m
  2. Each Processor (Analyzer) can monitor up to 2 zones (spools)
  3. Maximum length per Processor is 2000ft/600m of sensor cable, 2 zones of 1000ft/305m
  4. Each kit also includes: A processor in a weatherproof enclosure and sensor cable in chosen length
  5. To cover larger perimeters there is an option to combine as many kits as needed

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