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Protect your property and the people that are in it with the Silent Knight fire alarm system. This popular fire alarm system can provide you with many features not included in other fire alarm systems. What’s more, we will work with you through the entire process, including design, installation, monitoring, repair, servicing, and testing of your security system.

Focusing on functionality and flexibility, the Silent Knight fire alarm system provides its users with amazing features never seen before. This system contains everything you’ll need for top-notch protection, including: smoke detectors, heat detectors, modules, and pull stations. If a disaster does strike, the Silent Knight system will communicate the type and location of the emergency, so that help can be on their way quickly. Lastly, this system is expandable and allows you to add-on as your business grows. Save money now, and buy additional coverage as you see fit.

Silent Knight can uniquely deliver instructions and emergency evacuation plans to people inside your home or business. Even the most unlikely emergencies, you can be prepared for.

System Options:

  • IntelliKnight 5600: This system is a hybrid, including addressable and conventional features in this control and communicator system. The primary choice for small applications, it requires no programming tools for the basic panel operation. Built-in digital communicator and dialer are included. This system will support Honeywell Fire System and SK device counterpart detectors and modules. Optionally, remote annunicator can be attached to meet your unique needs. With this system you will get a single and dual-action pull station, a photoelectric smoke detector, fixed temperature thermal detector, mini monitor module, addressable and relay module. Click here for the manual.
  • IntelliKnight 5700: This system is a 50-100 single loop addressable fire alarm communicator system. It includes features like drift compensation, maintenance alerts, and a digital communicator that is built-in. This system can support up to 50 SD devices. It comes with a built-in digital communicator and dialer, uses a standard wire, and built-in synchronization that allows for multiple notification manufactures at once. This kit includes Silent Knight detectors, modules, remote and annunicator, intelligent power module, remote LED fire annuciator, and relay interface board. Click here for the manual.
  • IntelliKnight 5808: This system is a 127-198 single loop addressable fire alarm control and communicator system. With maintenance alerts, built-in digital communicator, and distribute intelligent power, you’re sure to love this product. IntelliKnight 5808 can support up to 99 Silent Knight detectors and 99 Silent Knight modules. Use any combination of 127 SD devices. Also enjoy, built-in digital communicator and dialer, and built-in synchronization for multiple notification appliance manufactures.  Each intelligent power module is a LED/IO module. Ask our customer service representative what additional accessories can be included with this system. For more information check out the online manual.
  • IntelliKnight 5820XL: This system is a 127 point, expandable to 792 points, multi-loop addressable fire alarm control and communicator system. It includes a built-in support for up to 99 Silent Knight detectors and modules, and is expandable to include 396 Silent Knight detectors and modules to create a total capacity of 792 points. With this system you will receive detectors and modules, a remote annunciator to match your decor, intelligent power module, LED/IO modules, and much more. For more information click here for the manual.

silent knight

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