Fencing System

Our fencing solution makes sure your perimeter stays safe by giving you a reliable, affordable, and simple to meet your location’s needs. We do all the heavy lifting for you by ensuring that your system is designed, installed, and simple for you to operate and understand.

Fence Sensor Kit

  • Passive vibration sensor cable
  • Affordable installation ready kits with field analyzers for outside installation and cable sensors
  • Low rate of false alarms
  • Easy to use and install with manual included
  • Self-calibrating system
  • No maintenance required plus 2 year warranty included on sensor cable
  • 11 different levels of zone sensitivity
  • Weather compensation unit available
  • Great for welded mesh fences, chain link, or concertina coils
  • Dry contact relay outputs can connect with any alarm system or DVR

This fence sensor kit offers intrusion detection through analysis of vibration patterns that occur when someone tries to force entry. There are three types of alarm filtration used;

-11 different levels of sensitivity to easily set on board

-Weather compensation unit for self calibration

-Detection algorithm

The fence is equipped with an armored sensor cable that is fully wrapped by steel mesh, which makes it the ideal solution for installation on wired fences and concertina coils. The sensor line is simple to adjust to the required length of the detection zone without overabundance sensors along the fence.

This system can protect all of your assets including but not limited to:

  • Commercial or industrial locations
  • Wind or solar farms
  • Self storage facilities
  • Electrical or water utility substations
  • Car, Boat, RV, and Equipment storage locations
  • Antennas used for Communication, Cellular, or Radio

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