ProdataKey Smart Access Control singleProdataKey Smart Access Control has created an innovative and versatile access control solution that many business owners are loving. As a silver level certified installer of this system, Security First Alarm can create a customized access control experience for your business. Are you ready to invest in the safety of your business? If so, click here.

Save space and money by using the ProdataKey Smart Access Control system. This system is much small than legacy systems, and it provides more control to the users.,

When ProdataKey Smart Access Control is installed by us, it comes with a lifetime equipment warranty program. This guarantees a quality solution and installation. We want to ensure that you are receiving the best products on the market.

One Of A Kind: This access control system is flexible, scalable, reliable, and more cost effective than many other systems on the market. Each door controller with this system is equipped with a connection of choice, allowing connection back to the access control panel through pro-wireless, network, and direct communication. Each connection is modular and can be swapped to fit the application. This versatility is hard to find in other systems.

Highlighted Benefits and Features: 

  • Three methods of connection: pro-wireless, network, and direct connections
  • Built-in power supply and battery backup
  • Solid state storage holds years of data
  • Control your system anywhere there is internet
  • Auto-backup of data through secure remote data center
  • Small platform holds power to control hundreds of doors

Single Door Controller: Our single door controller contains a high or low voltage input power supply. Because of its compact size, it can be mounted virtually anywhere, even close to the door it is controlling, eliminating the need for wires running through your business.

ProdataKey Smart Access ControlEight Door Controller: This controller is enclosed in a 12″ x 12″ security enclosure. Inside the enclosure there is room to mount a second eight door controller, allowing you to connect a total of 16 doors on up to 20 elevator floors. Both the Single and Eight Door Controllers accept and input of 12 to 24 VDC. This input will power board logic and all door hardware through the onboard bus. Each port has a full form C relay connection to accommodate all locking hardware. This eight door controller will run as a hybrid to control door and elevator access. For more information check out the ProdataKey Smart Access Control manual.

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