Is your business 100% secure? Do you have a secure way to control which areas employees and customers can visit? With the NetAXS-123 system you’ll be able to monitor which areas your employees have access to, grant a window of access through the back door to a visitor, or control if customers can go through “staff only” doors.

The NetAXS-123 system is a web-based access control solution that is fit for many different sized installations. It provides amazing benefits to users, including access from anywhere there is an internet connection.

With this system, you’ll be able to:

  1. Secure all the doors on your property.
  2. Control employee access, simply.
  3. Manage your site from anywhere.
  4. Pull reports easily for compliance requirements.
  5. Train online at your own time.

Save time and money with a system that adapts to your existing IT infrastructure and methods. With this approach you can buy the amount of access control you need now and as your business grows, you can add more doors’ control onto the system. This software is compatible with the Honeywell Vista 20P, creating a more robust system for its users. This system is also compatible with WIN-PAK and MAXPRO software. The options are virtually unlimited with NetAXS-123.

NetAXS 123 Access Control


A small or beginning business will find the NetAXS-123 system very convenient as it can handle three doors initially. As you business grows you’ll be able to add on additional doors to the program.

With the optional video add-on kit you’ll be able to bring video functionality to the NetAXS-123 system. You’ll be able to view live video or recorded video without having to invest in an NVR or DVR. With NetAXS-123 you’ll be able to determine which events you’d like to be “trigger” events. When your new system detects one of these events occurring it will start recording. And with the system access with internet connection, you’ll be able to view these videos anywhere. You’ll save memory space and money. NetAXS-123 User Guide.