LYNX Touch by Honeywell

LYNX Touch has so many great features to meet your family’s home security needs. With a simple touchscreen keypad, you can control everything from lights, garage doors, video, and even your thermostat. You can now also operate your entire home security system from your tablet or smartphone giving you access to your home even while you’re away. Do you want to know more? Here are some of our favorite reasons to choose LYNX Touch:

Easy to See Keypad

  • With large icons and words, anyone can see the icons on your touchscreen keypad. There are two keypad size options to choose from, a 4.7” screen allows you to view one video at a time or for only $45 more the 7” screen which allows you to watch up to 4 videos at the same time.
  • The touch screen keypad is very intuitive like a mini Ipad. The security system is menu driven and instead of punching buttons and complicated codes you can touch the feature that is wanted.
  • Cameras can be added to any home for more control and information.

Away or Stay Mode

  • Stay mode allows you to be home and moving freely but alerts you if a protected door or window opens.
  • Away mode detects windows or doors opening and sounds an alarm. It also detects movement inside the house and sounds an alarm.

With either of these options, you can really customize the way you protect your home and family.

Voice Feature

  • Voice feature warns you when a door or window opens in your home. This is specifically great for families with small children letting you know when anyone leaves your home. You can choose between chime, voice or even silent to let you know when the door or window opens.

Emergency Water Shut-Off

  • Imagine if you could completely avoid a costly flood in your home. LYNX now works with Z-wave sensors to shut down your homes water valves if it detects a leak saving your home from damage and costly repairs.

These are just a few of the many reasons LYNX Touch is a great option for your home security needs. If you have more questions about the LYNX Touch product please give us a call.