Looking for the next step up in your establishment’s security? Upgrading your security system has never been easier than with Honeywell’s LYNX Touch 5210 installed by us at Security First Alarm. By upgrading to the LYNX Touch 5210, you’re making the smartest investment for your future… one that your wallet will thank you for. Choose Honeywell’s highly appraised products and avoid potential threats while gaining total control of the lighting, heating, and cooling of your location. Call the experts with over 20 years of five star experience in the industry to receive a FREE consultation today.



The Z-Wave connectivity module allows installers combine security, lighting, locks, thermostats, water valves and various other features in one place– for local and remote control! With Honeywell Total Connect® Remote Services, users can control these features from wherever they are with most smart devices, tablets or computers. You are sure to be pleased with the guaranteed three thermostats, four door locks, 40 devices (light switches and lamp modules), and sunrise/sunset lighting control.



Security First Alarm offers the lowest cost alarm communications through a Wi-Fi module and remote services solution. This saves on both installation time and monthly operating costs. The convenience of connecting to name-brand technology through the push of a button is one of the most popular features on this Honeywell product. In addition, wifi connectivity is available even when radio reception is poor or nonexistent, allowing Security First Alarm to be there for you when it matters most. Call today for more information on your LYNX Touch 5210 solution!



The LYNX 5210 by Honeywell is packed with amazing features that will meet your security demands and requests.

LYNX_Touch_5210_Commercial_Video_HIThis system includes:

  • A clear, full color touchscreen with intuitive graphic icons that are easy to understand
  • Live video on demand and at easy access
  • Advanced alarm communications
  • Includes a GSM radio protocol that supports both AT&T and Rogers networks
  • The built-in 85 dB sounder with voice siren creates a steady output for burglaries and other triggers


L5200_Screen_GarageDoor_Closed_hiHoneywell’s LYNX Touch 5210 security system also includes simple features that connects with garage door notifications and control, weather alerts for residents (such as tornado warnings), and easy remote software upgradeability to keep your system up-to-date.

Interested in Honeywell’s LYNX Touch 5210? Call Security First Alarm today to speak with a certified professional.

If you’re looking for the Lynx Touch user guide, you can view it here.