Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 VISTA Partitions Release

Coming soon is the Honeywell Total Connect VISTA partitions release.  The release will take place in segments during the entire month of June.

The Vista partition support offers remote control of security for up to eight VISTA partitions from a PC or mobile device.

End Users Activating a Partition Account
End users that have VISTA accounts programmed for partitions will see a pop up on the Honeywell Total Connect website or app that reads “Enable Partitions- Partitions for your location are now available. Please complete the configuration of your partitions to activate multi-partition control.” As a user you  will have the option to “Configure Now” or “Later.”  In order to use Honeywell Total Connect VISTA Partitions, you will have to activate the account by selecting “Configure Now”.

Partitions Features Include:

  • Remotely control security for up to 8 VISTA partitions
  • Real-time partition control
  • Globally arm, disarm, bypass/open sensors
  • View and clear alarms
  • View events by partition
  • Support for a common partition, e.g., lobby
  • Creation of a universal fire partition
    • View fire status and receive notifications only
    • Not evaluated by UL or ULC, and not compatible with fire communicators
  • Manage users – partition access and authority levels

We are looking forward to this new addition to the Total Connect family! Give us a call to learn more today! (503)296-9100



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