Hillsboro, OR Remote Access Security System Install

Bob contacted me to help secure his home office in Hillsboro, OR. Running a business from home meant he had all his work and equipment vulnerable. We discovered that the My Total Connect security system was right for him. He needed the flexibility to access his system remotely online via his smart phone app or computer. Now he will get notice via text message when a burglar alarm is tripped and be empowered from anywhere.

When installing the 2 partition Total Connect alarm system with a cellular internet/communicator we encountered low reception. We moved the location of the unit to get the desired signal and we finished the install and added multiple new user interfaces.

Rick Waldrop is a Project Manager at Security First Alarm LLC in Portland, OR. He can be reached at rick@securityfirstalarm.com


  1. Whether used as a primary communicator or emergency backup, you can rely on emergency signals reaching our monitoring station every time. And while AlarmNet connects us to your security system, Total Connect can connect you to your home or office system. Learn more on our Total Connect page.

  2. With Total Connect, you can facilitate 100% control of your security system by directly linking it to your Internet-capable mobile phone or other digital device.

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