Fire watch services in Oregon keep vulnerable property, equipment, and people safe from dangerous fire hazards. Our fire watch guards are working in an area where hot work is taking place, where a fire alarm or sprinkler system is not working properly or down, or in the wake of a natural disaster that caused a power outage. They act as an extra safety measure to keep valuable capital, infrastructure, and any people on the premise out of harm’s way due to an unforeseen fire.

Fire Watch Services 

  • Avoid Fines from the Fire Marshal
  • Avoid Business & Facility Shutdown
  • Hot Work Construction Site Watch
  • School Campus Oversight
  • Movie Sets & Entertainment Venues
  • Hotels & Commercial Establishments
  • Fire guards for nightclubs
  • 24 Hour Service Availability in Oregon and Washington
  • Emergency Service Available
  • Periodic Premise Patrols

The Duties of a Fire Watch Guard

Our fire watch services will meet the needs of each job while following a set of protocols that are fit to all situations. Once local personnel familiarize our guards with the layout of the area, they will conduct regular rounds of the entire location.

Rounds can be performed every 15 minutes or every hour (depending on the needs of the locations). Rounds include checking all emergency exits, fire extinguishers, and high-risk ignition areas. Guards arrive equipped with all the materials needed for an efficient and safe notification and evacuation in case of fire. They will have keys that access the full building and all materials used to record information on each round.

Guards will report on start and end times of each round, any problem areas they noticed, and any communications with the Department of Public Safety or local fire departments.

To ensure the full safety of your property, call Security First Alarm. We’ll make sure that your person and property are protected from any fire risks. Our professional and friendly guards will ensure that you are in good hands.