Fire-Lite by Honeywell gives you everything you need for your fire alarm control center. Fire-Lite has many different products to choose from to fit your needs including;


Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels

This product includes four Fire Alarm control panels with varying sizes and capabilities  to meet your needs. The addressable product line can be installed and programmed easily. It also offers addressable point identification, NAC synchronization, as well as built-in digital communication.

W-SD355/W-SD355T Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Detectors

SWIFT Wireless Fire Alarm Solution

  • Swift wireless is a high-quality fire alarm solution that uses a reliable mesh technology that communicates between an SLC-based gateway and different wireless devices.

Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panels

  • The conventional fire alarm control panels have microprocessor technology and are simple to install, program, and operate. There are a variety of options to fit your needs as well as the local, state and national requirements with two-zone, four-zone, five-zone, and ten-zone configurations.

Emergency Command Center

  • This product is ideal for a business that needs a flexible, multi-zoned mass notification and fire evacuation system. This system is easy to install and maintain and our certified technicians can take care of any needs you may have.

The Emergency Command Center includes;

  • ECC-50/100
    • The primary operator console
  • ECC-50DA/ ECC-125DA
    • Distributed audio amplifiers
    • Remote telephone zone module
    • Local operator console
    • Remote page unit
  • ECC-RM
    • Remote microphone
    • Fire-fighter telephone