fire lite system

Fires are brutal. They don’t discriminate, and they can ruin a life’s work in a matter of minutes. Protect the property that means so much to you with Fire-Lite alarms. With this system you’ll be able to effectively communicate emergency exist instructions to employees, customers, and family, when they need it most. Why take a risk? Invest in the sure thing with Fire-Lite alarms.

Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel: This digital communication device can tell emergency responders where the trouble is. It is fully equipped with digital communication and NAC synchronization. Choose from various sizes an capabilities to get the system that best fits your needs.

Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel: These panels are easy to program and operate. Choose from two-zone, four-zone, and ten-zone configurations to meet your local, state, or national requirements. Not sure on what your areas’ requirements are? Not a problem! With over 20 years experience in your local area, we can provide you with the expertise needed to design your fire alarm system.

Emergency Command Center: If you own a large business, the Emergency Command center is a great option for you. It allows for flexible, multi-zones, fire evacuation and mass notifications. It is easy to maintain and allows you to customize your evacuation plan for each area of your business.

Fire-Lite SWIFT communication

SWIFT Wireless Fire Alarm Solution: The SWIFT Wireless Fire Alarm Solutions uses mesh technology to communicate between its gateway based in Salt Lake City and your wireless device. This high-quality fire alarm solution can quickly communicate the emergency, potentially saving lives.

Communicators: This fire alarm system offers communication products that are reliable and compatible with most fire alarm control panels. They also offer IP, GSM, or telephone service connectivity to an off-site monitoring facility.

Power Supplies: Each of our power supply offers built-in strobe synchronization and battery back-up as well as charging capability.

Releasing Panels: Our releasing panels are established to meet demanding conventional releasing applications. They also include features like easy-to-use programming templates.

Pull Stations: We offer a variety of pull stations to best fit our customers’ needs, including conventional and addressable.

Annuciators: Our annuciators provide system status indicators for AC power, alarm, supervisory, and other conditions.

Addressable Detectors: Choose from standard smoke detection to monitoring dry contacts with the Fire-Lite fire alarm system. They work seamlessly with the addressable control panels, helping you save time and money.

conventional notification appliancesConventional Devices: Did you know that conventional devices are compatible with Fire-Lite conventional fire alarm panels? They help detect smoke and heat. Duct and sprinkler applications can also be included.

Notification Appliances: Fire-Lite also includes a complete line of audible and visible notification appliances for your convenience.

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