Fire Alarm Systems

Most of us are aware of fire alarm systems, we see them all over in public places and even in homes. They are there to alert people inside a building of a fire or emergency to get them out of the building as fast as possible. It is important to have high quality, properly functioning fire alarm systems in settings such as commercial buildings, churches, apartments, and schools

Why Buy From Us?

We take pride in the fact that we have advantages in this industry that our competitors can’t offer. For starters, our close working relationships with several fire marshals in the local area. This gives us unprecedented insights and information concerning fire codes and regulations, which allows us to design and plan the systems to match the latest code requirements, which potentially can save you thousands of dollars.

At Security First Alarm, we work only with the best brands that can be found in this industry, including Honeywell, Silent Knight, and Fire Light. The alarms feature horns and sirens, as well as strobe lights for the hearing impaired. Even the best products will need repair and maintenance, but do not worry! Our service is guaranteed. That is why we provide regular testing on the systems we install, and we are just a phone call away if service is needed immediately.