Do you have a church or charter school that needs to be brought up to code to meet state requirements? Let us help!

  • We have worked with many charter schools and churches in the past to meet state requirements in the most economical way possible. charter logos
  • We can help with anything you need such as modifications, change in occupancy, installation, servicing, and much more.
  • We understand that churches and schools are nonprofit organizations and often have tight budgets. We work with local Fire Marshals to get insight and information about fire codes and regulations to keep costs down and to ensure that you are up to code.
  • We also use open-source fire panels to keep cost down and help you not have to use your future budgets on unplanned new code changes. Our panels work well for today and just as importantly they are expandable for the future.  
    • Open-source systems allow fire detection equipment along with control panels to be compatible with a larger selection of manufacturers. This gives you a wider variety of choices when sourcing products.
    • With open-source systems our installers have the ability to work with each individual design to meet requirements with a larger selection of sources.
    • Open-source systems will not only allow us a larger source selection, but it also allows us to determine which equipment will best meet your individual needs for requirements now as well as in the future.


We will make this process as easy as possible for you from the design process to staying within your budget. Give us a call at 503-296-9100 to get started today!


We work with the following counties:


  • Portland
  • Gresham
  • Tigard
  • Washington
  • Clackamas
  • Marion