Atrium Access Control by CDVI

Atrium is an access control system that allows access to anywhere from 10 doors up to 100 with up to 10,000 cards or users. Atrium offers live video streaming, email notification, and burglar alarm integration. Atrium access control also offers a variety of options to gain entry into your building; there are NANOPB (proximity readers), BTAG (proximity keyfob), DISCTAG (peel and stick proximity tag), and simple card access. The variety of entry options is great for any building with a lot of people entering it, for example, a DISCTAG can be easily used to put on the back of a badge for convenient use. Atrium has many different options to fit your specific needs.

Some of Atrium’s Main Features are:

  • 100 Door Capacity
  • Embedded web server (IP)
  • Pre-assembled Universal Power Supply
  • Email Notification
  • Camera Integration
  • Free Software
  • Smart Expander
  • Auto-detect modules