AlarmNet 360


AlarmNet 360 is a cloud based system and does not require software or servers. This is a system that enables you to to access your services from your computers, mobile devices, or tablets anytime and anywhere as long as there is WiFi or data capabilities. The program is completely online and even has automatic software management which makes sure that you always have the most current version of the software running for you.

AlarmNet 360 is simple to use and learn with custom templates and intuitive navigation. This helps you save money and time on training and less errors. This system is flexible to use since it can be accessed on site, at the office, or even at your home.

  • With AlarmNet 360, real time tests are available to ensure that your system is working without error.
  • It can verify zone reporting on site without making calls to central station saving time and money.
  • The panel and radio programming are done from a single platform.
  • The Lynx Touch panels can be remotely migrated to AlarmNet 360.
  • The cloud database is non corruptible as opposed to software that can be corrupted.
  • You can remotely check on the control panel and sensor status for things like battery life, and to upload the event logs to look into issues at anytime from wherever you are.
  • If a LYNX Touch 5210 or 7000, or Lyric panel needs to be replaced the Rapid Recovery setting will allow you to transfer all system settings saving time and money.

With AlarmNet 360 your Honeywell Total Connect system can be remotely configured allowing your technicians to set up your system more quickly and efficiently. Total Connect has features that help you as the user have a great experience with your security system. You can access your Total Connect system from anywhere in the world and from any device that has access to WiFi. It is as simple as a tap of your finger to access all data on your security system anytime you want.