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If you’re looking for superior service at reasonable prices, look no further than Security First Alarm. We offer every product you need to add security and protection to your home or business. Let us demonstrate how we can help you protect your home or commercial space with quality security and fire alarm systems that have been trusted for over 20 years.

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Lifestyle; Honeywell Lyric™

Our Process

We can make your home or business safer today. Give us a call at (503)296-9100, or request a consultation here.Our customer service representatives will help you navigate your security system needs based on your specific situation and budget. We service Portland, Oregon and surrounding areas including Northwest Washington. 

Security First Alarm’s certified technicians will design a plan for your fire alarm or security system specific to your needs. We design a plan and you give us feedback and approval to ensure that

  • Security First Alarm’s certified technicians will design a unique plan for your fire alarm or security system in Portland, or the surrounding areas. Our customers’ opinions are important to us, that’s why customers give the final approval and can provide input at any time. Security First Alarm has a great relationships with local officials, which translates into quick approval for your fire alarm plans.
  • Knowledgable staff with install your new fire alarm or security system in Portland, or the surrounding areas. Our amazing prices, fast turnaround, and sound installation might surprise you.
  • Enjoy your new security or fire alarm system! With a top-quality monitoring and notifications systems, you can rest assured that your home or business is protected. Set up notifications for the events that are important to you, insuring that you always know what’s going on.

We have 6 different radio options to offer you. We are not a 1 option only company.

 Make your home or business safer now. 


  1. William (bill) kitchens

    very helpful with my security issue and I plan to use them/recommend them. Thanks office rep and Rick for your help. Bill Kitchens

  2. William (bill) kitchens

    thanks for the help and I recommend this company.

  3. Stephane

    Very helpful service and super friendly staff

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