Silent Knight by Honeywell

Security First Alarm knows what your commercial property or business needs. We design, monitor, repair, install, service, test, and offers fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems in Beaverton, Oregon. One of the systems that we offer our customers is the Silent Knight Alarm system by Honeywell. Silent Knight prides itself on focusing on functionality and flexibility, making it a great option for any commercial facility or building.

silent knight 2
  • Silent Knight offers great options for all your fire alarm needs including smoke and heat detectors, modules, and pull stations.
  • The emergency communication system is one of a kind meeting the requirements of UL 2572 Standard, NFPA 72 2010 Chapter 24 Emergency Communication Systems Code, and the Unified Facilities Criteria.
    • Silent Knight’s emergency communication system can deliver messages over the network about the type of emergency and its location.
    • With this system, you can deliver specific information and directions to your tenants, employees, students, visitors and more. This information can be delivered and received IN REAL TIME.
  • Silent Knight gives you an easy, cost-effective system to use that can easily be expanded to grow as your business grows.

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